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Arco Aviation Quality Assurance Manual 4 Manual Control Each manual will have a control number and an assignment entry on the manual cover page and the record of revisions page. The revised Model Repair Station and Quality Manual and Forms Manual is available to Members who purchased the model manual before September 1,, free of charge, and to Non- Members who have previously purchased the manual for $ 1, 000. In addition to this Repair Station Manual ( RSM), the Repair Station also has the Quality Control Manual ( QCM) and the Repair Station Training Manual ( RSTM).

205 Maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alterations performed for certificate holders under parts 121, 125, and 135, and for foreign air carriers or foreign persons operating a U. 0 The purpose of this document is to describe procedures for controlling a repair station manual as required by FAR 145. Repair Station Manual Introduction The Repair Station Manual Introduction should be required for all employees who work in the repair station environment. This program is intended to allow the repair station to submit a list of approved repair capabilities to the FAA by listing the Part Number of the part to be repaired on the Capabilities List and submitting it to FAA FSDO.

In addition, the repair station is required to inspect raw materials and standard parts for:. 2) The repair station with managerial control shall specify the work to be performed by its satellite ( s) and provide the manuals in the form of a Repair Station Manual ( RSM) / Quality Control Manual ( QCM). D) Significant changes to this manual ( those changes involving the processes and. Blue Tuna breaks down the elements that compose the RSM and the Quality Manual. REPAIR STATION TRAINING PROGRAM MANUAL PAGE: 1.

Tracer Repair and Overhaul QAM Page 2 Section: 1 REV: Original Quality System and Quality Manual ( continued) 1. Part 145 Repair Station Support Services to include: Review existing Repair Station Manual manuals: Repair Station Manual ( RSM), Quality Control Manual ( QCM) or RSQM, and Training Manual through a gap analysis. Note: The following procedures apply to both the Repair Station and Quality Control Manual 1. 0 Responsibilities:.

C) A certificated repair station must prepare and keep current a quality control manual in a format acceptable to the FAA that includes the following: ( 1) A description of the system and procedures used for - ( i) Inspecting incoming raw materials to ensure acceptable quality; ( ii) Performing preliminary inspection of all articles that are. The Repair Station will have a PDF controlled copy of the Capability List on the Company Network for electronic access. ( b) A certificated repair station must maintain a current repair station manual. Repair Station And Quality Control Manual Approval Number: A9PR286X 2. REPAIR STATION NUMBER 3FMR327B DATE: 02/ 01/ 10. REPAIR STATION MANUAL / QUALITY CONTROL MANUAL Released Date 10/ 20/ 15 Page 6 of, Revision AJ Revision Date: October 12th, Title: RSM/ QCM Control System ACCESS TO THE RSM/ QCM MANUALS The RSM and QCM will be available by access to the company intranet and on the company web site ( www.
D) A certificated repair station must provide to its certificate holding district office the current repair station manual in a format acceptable to the FAA. This webinar will show how to easily interpret the FAA guidance material to create the manuals - Repair Station Manual ( RSM), Quality Control Manual ( QCM), and Training Program Manual ( TPM) - that form the basis for the approval of new repair station certificates and continuing compliance for current repair station certificate holders. The quiz reinforces the presentation. It contains the requirements for both a repair station manual and a quality control manual and can be customized to a particular operation with approximately 20 to 40 hours of work. It is published as a separate document with it’ s own revision log and list of effective pages.

The repair station may have several manuals or documents that are part of its quality control, repair station, and training manual system. A) A certificated repair station must prepare and follow a repair station manual acceptable to the FAA. Manufacturing Process & Quality Control. FAA REPAIR STATION # OMXR603L- EASA.

Repair Station / Quality Control Manual No. Further, attendees noted that the proposed rule states that the repair station manual and quality control manual must be “ acceptable to the Administrator, ” and the. Browse the PDF Demo FAA Repair Station Quality Manual – opens in new tab/ page. Provide recommendations and revise the manuals to align with the FAA Safety Assurance System ( SAS) principles. This publication is geared towards small to mid- sized companies and will prove most useful to component repair stations.

This report will either confirm that the manual is still current and valid for the section to use or will identify needed changes. Repair station certificate holders or applicants under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations ( 14 CFR) part 145 to develop and evaluate a repair station manual ( RSM) and quality control manual ( QCM). Bring your laptop, current manuals and be prepared to write. FAA Repair Station Quality Manual Kit, $ 127.
- registered aircraft in common carriage under part 129. FAA repair station manual ( RSM) + FAA quality control manual ( QCM) + Training Manuals, Handbook and Forms. The purpose is to provide in the quality control data a description of the system used to evaluate, monitor, and control all suppliers to whom the holder of a this repair station certificate has inspection duties for controlling conformity and quality, except that such a description is not required for suppliers who hold an FAA approval for the. This presentation is easy to understand. This Capability List will be entered,.

Simplify your manual, speed up your audits and maintain compliance with this thorough review of your manuals. In this two- day hands- on course, attendees will draft or revise their own: Repair Station Manual; Quality Control Manual; Repair Station Training Program. NOTE: The FMS Repair Station Training Program Manual ( TPM) is an FAA- approved.
This proposed AC is the result of an amendment to part 145 of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations ( 14 CFR), published in the Federal Register on August 6,. Repair station manual and quality control manual. Of regular quality meetings and lessons learned sessions, supported by review of recurring quality issues and observed non- conformities. 0 Purpose: This repair station manual includes a description of the policies and procedures that will be used by this repair station to meet all requirements of 14 CFR Part 145. Sample repair station manual and quality control manual for all repair stations.
Manual Milling and Turning. The material presented in this AC describes an acceptable means, but not the only means, to develop a manual and comply with the referenced. Repair station to meet all requirements of Part 145 that pertain to— A repair station manual / quality manual The information contained in this manual explains the systems used by the repair station when performing maintenance, preventive maintenance or alteration on civil aviation articles. The examples included illustrate one of many possible ways to comply with the regulations. Repair station manuals, quality control manuals, list of capabilities, and the repair station training program, which will be a time- consuming and expensive effort.
The manual( s) may contain more procedures than required by the regulations for the certificate holder to describe the repair station’ s overall functions, responsibilities, and quality control procedures. Auditing Your Repair Station Training Program. – To familiarize employees with the repair stations manual, quality systems, and procedures. 5102 PHS/ MWA Aviation Services 42355 Rio Nedo Temecula, CA 92590 USA Valued Customer, It is the PHS/ MWA Aviation Services policy to respond in a timely fashion to every regulatory and quality inquiry presented by our current and prospective customers, in particular quality surveys. 203 Work performed at another location. The requirements for a quality control manual are addressed in Section 8 which may be used to create a separate document if preferred.

Repair station manual and quality control manual. The Forms Manual is available free of charge to Members ONLY. A master list of the manuals produced, their respective number and custodian will be kept in the office of the Quality Assurance Manager. The repair station’ s manual( s) must remain current and be accessible to repair station personnel, as required by part 145 subpart D.

If a controlled paper copy of the manual has been assigned it shall have its revisions properly entered and. Repair station manual and quality control manual. The FAA repair station quality manual kit includes all documents listed below:. The Quality Manager for the repair station will ensure that the repair station has.
Publication Information: The model repair station and quality manual assists companies to develop a repair station and quality control manual that complies with 14 CFR part 145, the associated FAA guidance material and industry best practices. C) This manual shall be kept current and readily available to employees, the customer’ s auditor or designee, and the ASA. 201 Privileges and limitations of certificate. Including quality. 1 To establish a means of manual distribution, control and to ensure revisions to the Repair Station & Quality Control Manual are distributed and inserted into all manuals in a timely manner. It contains the requirements for both a repair station manual and a quality control manual and can be.
( e) A certificated repair station must notify its certificate holding district office of each revision of its repair station manual in accordance with the procedures required by § 145. All employees should be familiar with these manuals and have access to them. Ground Support Equipment and Tooling FAA Repair Station EHDR649K. 1 All Repair Station Key Personnel are required to be familiar with the requirements of this manual and the applicable FAA Regulations. 2 Record of Revisions Note: See this manual for a description of the processes for distributing, entering, and recording revisions to this manual. CF0R047Z Revision Number: 2, Issue Date: June 1, Page 6 The Director of Maintenance, ( DOM) will obtain from the Chief Quality Control Inspector a manual status report.

This advisory circular ( AC) provides informational material for all repair station certificate holders and/ or applicants under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations ( 14 CFR) part 145 to develop and evaluate a Repair Station Manual ( RSM) and Quality Control Manual ( QCM). MANUAL CONTROL, APPROVAL, AND REVISION. Manual, as of such no changes or revisions will be made without prior approval.

When conducting work by PO staff but at a different location than normally used, measures are taken to ensure an equivalent quality of the work result. Repair Station Manual Rev 4 Dec/ 08 10 Section 2 Manual Revision and Control: 2. As stated in the preamble to the final rule and the FAA’ s internal guidance either option is acceptable to the. Appendix A of the Propulsion Technologies International, LLC, Repair Station Manual. The final rule changed procedures and requirements for aeronautical repair stations and requires repair stations to develop a repair station manual and a quality control manual. 0 Responsibilities: 2.

Manual Requirements: Repair Station Manual Contents ( MS Word) Quality Control Manual; Quality Control Manual Sample ( MS Word) Receiving Inspection ( MS Word) Repair Station Manual ; 145209 Manual Content; IPM Manual Sample; Training Manual ; AC 145 RSTP ( MS Word) Handouts: 145 Compliance Sample 2 ( MS Word) Equivalent Tools ( MS Word). Repair station manual and quality control manual. Add to Cart | View Cart.
Repair stations must have procedures in their Repair Station Manual ( RSM) / Quality Control Manual ( QCM) describing the receipt and documentation of all articles, standard parts, and raw materials. The model contains the requirements for both a repair station manual and a quality control manual. Ratings issued to the satellite station are based upon the facilities, materials, equipment, and personnel at that location. This includes con-. ( c) A certificated repair station' s current repair station manual must be accessible for use by repair station personnel required by subpart D of this part.

It is available to Non- Members for $ 500.