Manual therapy for rotator cuff repair

Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy protocol has been developed for the patient following a rotator cuff surgical procedure. Rotator cuff tears are the leading cause of shoulder pain and shoulder- related disability. Before stressing the repair with resistive exercises. Manual therapy treatment: Manual therapy treatment for a pathologic rotator cuff tendon depends on which tendon is affected, the pathology of the tendon, and what signs and symptoms are accompanying the problem. Unfortunately, there’ s no true consensus on when to actually begin PT.

Physical therapy is vital after a rotator cuff repair and continues to be common in an outpatient setting. Is early physical therapy safe after a rotator cuff repair or should we delay PT to protect the healing tendons? This protocol will vary in length and aggressiveness depending on factors such as:. Manual therapy for rotator cuff repair. 250 South Main St. Arthroscopic repair of massive rotator cuff tears: outcome and analysis of factors associated with healing failure or poor postoperative function.

The pathogenesis of these tears is still partly unknown. Rotator Cuff Repair Therapy Protocol Page 1 of 6 Bart Eastwood D. The conservative approach may be associated with post- operative stiffness which can be managed once healing has occurred. Rotator cuff tears can be caused by degenerative changes, repetitive micro traumas, severe traumatic injuries, atraumatic injuries and secondary dysfunctions. If the principle pathology of the tendon is a tear, there is nothing that manual therapy can do that directly helps this condition.
1 Chung SW et al. Suite 224A Blacksburg, VAAll information contained in this protocol is to be used as general guidelines only.